Compact Dew Point Temperature Transmitter for OEM Applications

Compact Dew Point Temperature Transmitter for OEM Applications
Product Description

The exact monitoring of dew point temperature in compressed air systems, dryers for plastic and other industrial processes is becoming increasingly more important. The EE375 is designed for measurement of low dew points in OEM applications down to -60oC (-80oC). The core of the transmitter is the monolithic measurement cell type HMC01 developed by E+E Elektronik in thin-film technology. An autocalibration procedure which is integrated in the device and years of experience in low humidity adjustment make an accuracy of <2oC Td (+3.6oF Td) possible.

Technical Data :

Measuring Quantities

Dew point (Td)

Dew point sensor


Measuring range

-80...60oC Td (-112...140oF Td)

Response time t90

80 sec. -20oC Td → -40oC Td (-4oF Td→ -40oF Td)
10 sec. -40oC Td → -20oC Td (-40oF Td → -4oF Td)

Volume concentration

Measuring range

20...200 000ppm

Accuracy at 20oC (68oF) and 1013mbar

5ppm + 20% of reading


Selectable and scaleable analogue output for Td, Tf, Wv

0 - 10V-1mA < IL < 1mA
4 - 20mA RL < 500 Ohm


Supply voltage

21...28V DC

Current consumption at 24V DC

Voltage output: typ. 40mA / during autocalibration: 100mA
Current output: typ. 80mA / during autocalibration: 140mA

Pressure range

0...20bar (0...290psi)

System requirements for software

WINDOWS 2000 or later; serial interface

Serial interface for configuration


Housing / protection class

Al Si 9 Cu 3 / IP65

Electrical connection

M12 connector

Sensor protection

stainless steel sintered filter

Working temperature range

probe:-40...70oC (-40...158oF)
electronic: -40...60oC (-40...140oF)

Storage temperature range

-40...60oC (-40...140oF)

Electromagnetic compatibility according to

EN 61326-1, EN61326-2-3, ICES-003 ClassB
Industrial Environment, FCC Part15 ClassB

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